Wheel Chair

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Wheel Chair

Distribution of Wheelchairs is also the sub-service of Community Services Program. The Beneficiaries, prior to provision of Wheelchairs were living in very miserable conditions being dependent on others to perform daily routine activities, even to move to washroom. By helping them with wheelchairs, they are being blessed with facility that has enabled them to move themselves with ease.

It has increased their self-respect and self-belief, building a positive impact on their minds and lives. Moreover, it would be beneficial for them in terms of employment. They will also be able to earn not only for themselves but also for their families.

The selection of beneficiaries of the interest-free loans is undertaken through a completely transparent system depending on the availability of funds. The monitoring body of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan regularly arranges meeting to supervise the distribution of these loans as well as their recoveries as agreed with beneficiaries.


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