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Alkhidmat acts as your trusted agent in Pakistan to distribute your Sadaqat ul Fitr to the needy. This year’s amount has been decided by the scholars to be PKR 150 per person. We need to make sure that your Zakat ul Fitr reaches the beneficiary before the special Eid prayer, as required, so please help us by making your decision well ahead of time.

All three names are used for the obligatory charity payable only in Ramadan by every Muslim regardless of their age, gender or wealth status. The underlying principle of this charity is to expiate some of the sins of the believer committed while in the state of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

Zakat ul Fitr must be paid before the Eid ul Fitr prayer, the purpose being that every Muslim, in whatever financial condition, must be able to partake in the celebration of Eid ul Fitr. The edibles or cash helps the recipient to arrange some good food and other things that are necessary for a person to feel the happiness of the occasion. 

The amount is usually nominal and decided by the consensus of scholars of a particular area at a particular time. Most scholars prefer it to be given in the form of edibles such as grain or dates, but modern circumstances have led to the interpretation and flexibility of it being paid in cash equivalent to the cost of the edibles that are payable at that time and place. 

Sadaqat ul Fitr is due on every member of a household including women and children who are not earning members. It may be paid by an earning member, but it has to be paid on behalf of every member of the family. 

All poor Muslims are eligible to receive Sadaqat ul Fitr. 


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