Alkhidmat was founded on a principle to serve humanity without considering anyone’s religion, color, caste, or race.

From Karachi to Chitral to the deserts of Thar, Alkhidmat contains the largest volunteer network. In times of disaster or hardship or any national emergency, Alkhidmat is considered as a most responsive network after the Army to provide relief to the people.From raising orphans to provide relief in any disaster to arranging affordable healthcare & clean water, Alkhidmat provides relief services in all scopes of life which includes:

Orphan Care Program

Unlike usual orphanages, Alkhidmat runs the modern state of the art boarding school system for orphans. Many children had graduated from these centers, some also joined Air Force & other reputed organizations. There are 11 Aghosh Orphan Centers including one in Turkey for Syrian refugee kids.

Part of this program also contains the Orphan Family support program. Where we provide support to those children who live with their mom or some close relative. We not only provide educational & health support to kids, but also help & educate their mom or guardian.

Wash Program

Pakistan is on its way to become a water deficient country as it already stands at 30th position among the most water-deficient countries of the world. Safe drinking water is one of Pakistan’s most immediate and crucial problems that demands earliest actions to be taken for its resolution.

Provision of clean affordable water is another key program of Alkhidmat. We not only run dozens of filtration plants in various parts of the urban cities & also install water pumps in remote areas such as Thar desert as well.

Health Services

Alkhidmat health facilities are the fastest growing network of Pakistan. From state of art Mother & Child health centers to general clinics & pharmacy to diagnostic labs, Alkhidmat has established & continues to grow its facilities for public benefit. Alkhidmat Hospital in Thar is one of the great examples of our work.

Bano Qabil

Bano Qabil is Alkhidmat’s ambitious and first-of-its-kind youth education initiative. Intended to empower and skill Karachi’s youth in the latest technologies, Bano Qabil offers 100% free, advanced IT courses to give our youth a headstart in launching their employment and freelancing careers. Bano Qabil comprises special, in-demand courses designed in collaboration with academia and industry and endorsed by various industries.

Community Services

Pakistan is facing multifarious social problems for years ranging from poverty to civic ignorance and lack of basic facilities of life. People face severe problems in terms of health, education, and economy. The country stands at 154th position in Human Development Index (HDI) and almost 51% of Pakistan’s population is deprived of basic necessities (health, education, etc.). ”The best amongst you is the one who helps others“.

Running Food centers to provide wheelchairs to arrange affordable funeral bus service, Alkhidmat has a vast network of community services.

Mawakhat Program

Al Khidmat Muakhat program is aimed at facilitating people, belonging to the low income segment of the society, by offering small scale interest free loans refundable in easy installments.

We have demonstrated success stories in the field of Garment Making, Tailoring Shop, Hardware Store, General store, Auto Rickshaw / Cart , Burger / Biryani Stall, Bakery Shop, Online cloth selling and last but not the least Boutique.

Disaster Relief Program

Probably the most part of work is Disaster Relief program, Alkhidmat volunteers have spread all around Pakistan. In any unfortunate situation our volunteers have always been in the frontline in doing relief & rescue operations. We have done a great number of work in Kashmir after the Earthquake in 2005 & than in Awaran Balochistan.


Education is the only solution for humanity to prosper. With an aim to help every child to get an education, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has taken lead among all its competitors by providing education through free schooling and rehabilitation support to the poor and needy children.


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