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Donate A Brick For Aghosh Homes

The Messenger of Allah said, putting his index and middle finger together, “I and he who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this.” – Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim

This wonderful opportunity can be yours for a small donation of PKR 10,000 only per child per month. You may contribute for a whole year too.

Aghosh Homes are unlike ordinary orphanages. For a start, these state-of-the-art residences are built at locations that are green, serene, and peaceful, and every care is taken to provide a warm, joyful and homely environment, with loving and friendly staff that are trained to bring out the best in the children staying there, while diverting their minds from feelings of despair and deprivation. Indeed, many children are so attached to their surroundings and mentors that they are reluctant to leave when their tenure is over.

“Aghosh” literally means a caring embrace in Urdu, and it symbolizes the love of a mother. In every Aghosh Home, children as young as 6 years are raised by onsite boarding caretakers (mothers) who care for the children as their very own. Each Aghosh family consists of one mother for 6 children. Children are provided basic needs of the highest quality (food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare), intellectual needs (education, vocational training, and life-skills), and emotional needs (an opportunity to recover from the grief of losing their parents and be a part of a secure and caring family). Moreover, there are recreational activities, educational trips, sports, extra-curricular activities for children apart from the highest quality of education up to Class 12. Every effort is made to ensure that children feel at home, dignified, loved, protected, and proud to call these places their own homes.

What better opportunity than this to be with our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) in Paradise! So step forward and be a part of Alkhidmat’s ambitious, unique and successful Aghosh Homes project.


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