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Microfinance (Mawakhat) Program

Ever increasing number of unemployed in the country leads to poverty which in turn increases crime rate. Moreover, many men/women remain unable to start a small business set up of their own due lack of funds/skill set. In order to combat unemployment, Alkhidmat provides interest free, refundable, micro loan facility to needy and ambitious individuals who either want to begin a fresh, sustain existing set up or desire to earn more but get restricted due scarcity of funds.

Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program

The high rate of unemployment is a major source of growing depression in the poverty-ridden society of Pakistan. In such a situation, a number of microfinance schemes are being run across the country. However, unlike most of such schemes, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Mawakhat Program is based on the Islamic principle of Qarz-e-Hasna.

50,000 Rs Liberation Loans Upto
50,000Rs Small Business Loans Upto
94% Recovery Rate
33 Clusters
30 M Loan Portfolio 2019
1,040 Beneficiaries 2019
6,810 2012-2019 2012-2019 Beneficiaries
159 Million PKR 2012-2019 Expenditure


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