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Several times in the recent past, Pakistan has suffered from cataclysmic disasters resulting in thousands of helpless Orphans. Therefore, society as a whole has to come forward to provide shelter and support to these helpless children. Keeping in view of all situations, AKFP considering its religious and social obligation decided to launch a program to support these vulnerable children in terms of residence, education, and basic sustenance needs and is supposed to generate funds to ensure the prosperous future of these deserving children.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, in that need of the hour, took an initiative for the establishment of an institution to up bring those orphans who have lost their parents by providing them with food, shelter, and educational facilities. Alkhidmat Foundation came up with the idea of Aghosh Homes and has established 13 Aghosh Homes for vulnerable orphans.


To Accommodate, educate and train the homeless orphans by ensuring their excellent moral and psychological grooming to prepare them good and responsible citizens of Pakistan.


Save lives today with a Al Khidmat.

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