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Medical Camps

People in rural and remote areas are mostly poor and less educated while the infrastructure provided by the government is also insufficient to provide basic health facilities for the locals. This hinders them to visit good and suitable medical facilities and find suitable treatment for their ailments.

Besides its several health and medical facilities, Alkhidmat Health Foundation also arranges mobile medical camps as its outreach program to provide medical and health facilities to those who can’t afford medical services. These camps provide specialized medical staff for the patients at their nearby places. These medical camps provide initial diagnostic facilities through qualified medical staff to the patients. Patients are examined and prescribed initial treatment according to their symptoms and sometimes they are referred to a suitable medical facility.

As the beneficiaries of AKFP belong to Poor Marginalized and Underserved. AKFP has a policy whereby anyone who is unable to pay for the already subsidized service charges, is served after due diligence without or at subsidized rates. AKFP has a strong Quality of Care project through which Quality Assurance doctors and other monitoring staff conduct supportive supervision of all service delivery points. Also, frequent exit interviews are conducted, to ensure the quality of care and client satisfaction. Indeed, a number of clients have been referred by clients who were satisfied with the services, clients are also referred to AKFP by other service providers in the locality.


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