Alkhidmat Karachi hosted a workshop on “Hospital Guidelines and Assessment Tools”

Alkhidmat Karachi hosted a workshop on “Hospital Guidelines and Assessment Tools” at its head office recently. The workshop was attended by Alkhidmat Executive Director Rashid Qureshi, MD Alkhidmat Health Foundation, Sufyan Ahmed, Medical Superintendent Alkhidmat Hospital Dr. Ziafat, other doctors and administrators of hospitals. Director Alkhidmat Razi Hospital and Vice Chairman Alkhidmat Health Foundation, Dr. Usman Zafar expressed his thoughts on “Hospital Guidelines and Assessment Tools” at the Training Session of the workshop. He said that providing health services in an excellent and effective manner to the masses was the noble purpose in which they were involved. He added that it was Alkhidmat’s intention and desire to provide facilities to Alkhidmat’s hospital systems on Islamic principles. Alkhidmat would provide specialized training to hospital management, consultants, doctors, paramedics and staff to enable them to serve patients and their caretakers in an efficient manner while observing the Islamic requirements of worship. In this regard, the necessary SOPs had been prepared already. The health sector will soon benefit from expert medical staff and the best Muslim doctors and health workers. Speaking on the occasion, Rashid Qureshi said that Alkhidmat was already providing quality health services while trying its best to ensure that patients and their caretakers do not suffer any neglect or difficulties. This is because the most important consideration for Alkhidmat’s health workers and paramedical staff is the spirit of service to people.


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