Alkhidmat conducts Orientation Sessions for new batches of Bano Qabil

An Orientation Session for the new batches of 1,500 students registered for the Bano Qabil IT program was conducted on Saturday by Alkhidmat Karachi at its premises. A large number of students and instructors attended the separately conducted event for boys and girls where instructors introduced the courses under the Bano Qabil program and discussed their features, scope and demand. Speaking on the occasion, CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig said that the IT industry was facing a huge shortfall of skilled workforce which was resulting in lost exports and earning potential of millions of rupees. However, youth were not able to fill this shortfall because of the high cost of IT courses which only a few can afford. He quoted the example of government universities that were charging close to PKR 125,000 for a good IT education which was beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. In this context, the Bano Qabil program would prove to be a game-changer by providing thousands of youth with 100% free, advanced, in-demand IT skills which would help them establish promising careers while providing skilled workforce contributing to the nation’s economy. He mentioned that according to P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) which had 1,200 member-companies, there were more than 2,000 software houses in the country which were suffering from a shortage of skilled human resource that was keeping these companies from reaching their full potential and restricting the economic growth of the nation. Addressing the students, Naveed Ali Baig said that Alkhidmat had put in a great deal of effort in planning and executing the program, which was progressing smoothly. It was now the students’ turn to put in their best efforts to benefit from their courses and make the program a success. He assured them that Alkhidmat had brought together the best professionals in their respective fields to teach these courses, and advised them not to miss a single class. Finally, some instructors spoke to the students encouraging them to study seriously and benefit from the courses which were all in great demand and would result in a promising and lucrative future for them, their families and the nation.


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