Alkhidmat distributes Fee Sabeelillah Qurbani meat to thousands

Alkhidmat Karachi organized thousands of Fee Sabeelilllah Qurbani throughout Karachi and Pakistan on the occasion of Eid ul Azha. Hundreds of participants all over the country contributed to this event, while many others donated their sacrificial meat to Alkhidmat for distribution among the poor and needy. Slaughter-centres were set up in different part of the city where collective sacrifice was also done along with Fee Sabeelilllah Qurbani. The sacrificial meat was packed and distributed in a hygienic manner by Alkhidmat’s volunteers to the needy across the city and country. Fee Sabeelilllah Qurbani was also done for the Rohingya refugees from Burma as well as for the war-torn regions of Syria, Palestine and Afghanistan, and special arrangements were done to distribute the meat to people in those regions. Thanking those who had contributed to Fee Sabeelilllah Qurbani, CEO Alhidmat Karachi Naveed Ai Baig said that whether it was Eid ul Adha, Ramadan or any emergency, people always put their trust in Alkhidmat, which helped it to achieve its goals in providing welfare to society. He emphasized that Alkhidmat treated every rupee it received as a trust and made sure that it was spent in a responsible and transparent manner for the specific purpose it was given. Lastly, he reiterated that Alkhidmat’s services were available in several categories throughout the year and their effect could be felt in every strata of society.


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