Alkhidmat distributes more than 1,500 kg of chicken meatdaily during Ramadan Meat Drive

Alkhidmat Karachi is distributing more than1,500 kg of chicken meat daily to needy families in its Ramadan Meat Drive. Alkhidmat’s volunteers are also delivering the meat directly at home to those without mobility or means of transport. This was disclosed by Director Community Services Qazi Syed Sadruddin during his survey of the distribution operation. He added that last year too Alkhidmat had distributed more than 50,000 kgs of meat to the needy during Ramadan. He said that the operation started from the first day of Ramadan and would continue until the last day. Alkhidmat had organized such a huge operation systematically by setting up a central location where meat was collected and dispatched to various areas of the city where local Alkhidmat volunteers received it and distributed it to the needy in those areas. He also disclosed that National Tent House, a leading corporate was assisting Alkhidmat in this activity. Lamenting the steep inflation in the country that had put chicken meat out of the reach of ordinary citizens, he appealed to those with means to step forward and assist Alkhidmat Karachi in its efforts to provide meat to needy people in Ramadan and earn multiple rewards in this holy month.


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