Alkhidmat distributes rations and chicken meatto thousands inRamadan: Naveed Ali Baig

Alkhidmat Karachihas distributed Ramadan Food Packages containing rations such as flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, cereals, dates, tea and other necessities to thousands of needy families in Ramadan. Disclosing this information, CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig said that special packing centers were put up at various places in the city to facilitate the packing and transportation of these packages.These packageswas directed from these centers to Alkhidmat’s district offices for further distribution to the recipients. Besides, Alkhidmat has also distributed thousands of kilos of chicken meat to lower income families in an attempt to ease their burden during Ramadan. He said that inflation had risen to extreme proportions putting even necessities out of the reach of ordinary citizens. He continued by saying that Alkhidmat’s Community Services department was active throughout the year with its social welfare activities, but these efforts are intensified in Ramadan. Naveed Ali Baig appealed to those with means to step forward and assist Alkhidmat Karachi in its efforts to provide rations and meat to needy people in Ramadan and earn multiple rewards in this holy month.


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