Alkhidmat distributes winter packages to hundreds of city homeless and flood victims

Alkhidmat Karachi has distributed winter packages to hundreds of needy, homeless people in Karachi as well as to flood victims in Sindh and Balochistan. Alkhidmat’s volunteers gave away blankets and warm clothes to men, women and children spending their nights shelterless in severe winter conditions on the streets and under bridges in the city. According to Executive Director Alkhidmat Karachi Rashid Qureishi, these include the homeless as well as travelers who did not have a place to stay in the city. He disclosed that Alkhidmat’s Community Services division provided such winter packages every year during the winter. This year these packages were also distributed to flood victims who had lost their houses and belongings in the recent flood and were forced to live under the open skies. He appealed to those with means to come forward and support Alkhidmat in its welfare activities.


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