Alkhidmat Foundation Vice President Mushtaq Maangat visits Bano Qabil IT Centre

karachi :Alkhidmat Foundation Vice President MushtaqAhmed Maangat visitedAlkhidmat Karachi head office and Bano Qabil IT Main Campus at Idara Noor-e-Haq recently. He was accompanied by Media Coordinator Alkhidmat FoundationShoaib Hashmi. The visitors were received by Executive Director Rashid Qureishi, Bano Qabil Project Director Farooq Kamlani, Director Community Services Qazi Syed Sadruddin and other senior officials.MushtaqMaangat was shown around the campus and briefed about the Bano Qabil program and its progress. He was told that 10,000 students were already attending advanced and in-demand IT courses under expert instructors in 20 campuses and 4 labs around the city. Speaking on the occasion, Mushtaq Maangat congratulated Alkhidmat Karachi’s team for its revolutionary and bold step in launching the Bano Qabil program, and expressed his desire to repeat the initiative at other places in Pakistan which would help reduce unemployment and contribute to the nation’s economy.Rashid Qureishi also disclosed that Alkhidmat Karachi had now extended the Bano Qabil program by launching the Bano Qabil Women Empowerment Program which would teach entrepreneurship skills to housewives and help them start their own home businesses. The youth and women empowerment programs would together have a positive impact on society and help families sustain themselves and face their growing economic challenges.


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