Alkhidmat has already dispatched 6 consignments to Gaza: Naveed Ali Baig

Scores of volunteers from the city’s schools and colleges numbering almost 700 have participated in a ‘Packing Drive’ organized by Alkhidmat Foundation’s Women’s Wing Trust in Bahadurabad recently to facilitate the dispatch of aid consignments to war-torn Palestine. Necessities such as clothes and utensils were packed in plastic boxes that made up the consignments. Speaking on the occasion, CEO Naveed Ali Baig said that Palestinians were bearing the brunt of an inhuman and genocidal military campaign by Israel. More than 40,000 civilians have died in the relentless and indiscriminate bombing that has reduced Gaza to rubble. Nearly 70% of the casualties are women and children with no hospital or medical facilities left to care for the wounded. Children and adults were facing death by starvation and even refugee camps were being targeted by the Israeli army. In these dire circumstances, Alkhidmat has emerged as the biggest Pakistani NGO with a presence on the ground. Already Alkhidmat has dispatched 6 shipments of relief to Gaza and more are on the way, including the goods being packed during Ramadan, despite the hurdles on the Palestinian border that have prevented aid from reaching the desperate Palestinians. Naveed Ali thanked the young volunteers for their selfless act of piety during the holy month and encouraged them to continue without losing hope, assuring them of their reward in the Hereafter. Reiterated her commitment to the Palestinian cause, President Alkhidmat Foundation’s Women’s Wing Trust Naveeda Anees disclosed that aid worth nearly two crores had been dispatched already. She vowed never to abandon the Palestinian Muslims who were facing the most challenging times of their long struggle and were looking towards their Muslim brethren around the world for support and succour. She also said that the Women’s Wing had organized Gaza Bazaars to generate financial aid and support for the Palestinians. Lastly, CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig appealed to all Pakistanis to contribute generously to the Palestinian cause, since the protection of Masjid al Aqsa, the first qiblah of the Muslims, is the foremost religious obligation upon the Ummah.


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