Alkhidmat has installed hundreds of hand pumps and submersible pumps: Gohar ul Islam

Driven by its vision to provide safe and clean water 24×7 to every citizen in the city, Alkhidmat Karachi has installed hundreds of hand pumps and submersible pumps in the city and its surroundings under its Clean Water project, according to Director Clean Water Alkhidmat Karachi Gohar ul Islam. He lamented the fact that Karachi was not receiving its fair quota of water considering its population, and to make things worse, citizens were getting unclean and contaminated water which was the source of water-borne diseases and bad health. He added that Alkhidmat wanted to further strengthen its Clean Water project in the city by identifying places where there was a severe scarcity of water and digging bore wells and installing appropriate pumps to resolve the situation. Giving an estimate of the expenses, he disclosed that each hand pump installation requires PKR 150,000, while that of a submersible pump calls for a budget of PKR 180,000 to 260,000 on average. Acknowledging the hard work put in by the Clean Water team and resolving to continue the good work, Gohar ul Islam appealed to those with means to come forward and help Alkhidmat in its efforts to ensure that no one went thirsty in Karachi.


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