Alkhidmat inaugurates RO Filtration plant and Clinic in Zia Colony

Alkhidmat Karachi has inaugurated a new RO Filtration plant and Clinic at Zia Colony in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Local residents participated in large numbers in the celebrations following the inauguration which was done by CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig. Director Clean Water Gauhar Islam, Sayyed Qutb, Noman Patel and senior officials of Alkhidmat Karachi were present on the occasion. Hundreds of local residents are expected to benefit from the installation of the RO plant and Clinic. Speaking on the occasion, Naveed Ali Baig said that the scarcity of clean water was a major problem in Karachi. People were not able to get clean drinking water easily. Therefore, Alkhidmat was trying its best to resolve this problem and provide clean drinking water wherever possible, and had installed 53 Water Filtration plants in the city which were providing quality drinking water to citizens. He added that Alkhidmat was also working in the field of Health which could be seen in the establishing of the Clinic in Zia Colony which would be manned by expert doctors and staff, and equipped with the latest Ultrasound and sugar testing machines. He expressed his desire to open such Water Filtration plants and Clinics in all areas of Karachi, and appealed to those with means to come forward and contribute towards making this dream a reality. Gauhar Islam said that Alkhidmat Karachi had also established a Water Testing Laboratory which was operating fully and conducting tests on the quality of available water at regular intervals. These plants, which were serving thousands of people, were being maintained by a big team of expert technicians. He also appealed to those with means to come forward and assist Alkhidmat in its efforts to provide clean drinking water to citizens. Sayyed Qutb said that Alkhidmat was serving the society without discrimination since decades, thus earning the trust of citizens. Noman Patel said that Zia Colony was in need of a Water Filtration plant and Clinic and Alkhidmat had now met this need and done the needful.


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