Alkhidmat is the best option for Sadaqatul Fitr: CEO Naveed Ali Baig

CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig has appealed to the public to give their Zakat, Sadaqatul Fitr and Atiyah during Ramadan to Alkhidmat. He said that Alkhidmat’s welfare services touched every facet of life, such as orphan care, clean water, healthcare, education, microfinance, disaster management and other community services. He added that over the years, Alkhidmat’s scope of initiatives, beneficiaries, donors, volunteers and geographical outreach has grown exponentially to make it Pakistan’s leading NGO in humanitarian services, with a notable presence in foreign lands too, earning the trust of donors, the respect of fellow-NGOs, the love of beneficiaries and the recognition of several governments as the most credible, capable and reliable welfare organization in Pakistan in times of crises. He explained that this year the levels of Sadaqatul Fitr per person have been declared as Rs. 300 (2 kg wheat), Rs. 450 (4 kg barley), Rs. 2,200 (3.5 kg dates) or Rs. 4,400 (3.5 kg raisins). Naveed Ali Baig underlined Allah’s pleasure as the sole purpose of Alkhidmat’s services and reiterated his appeal to all Pakistanis to give their Zakat, Sadaqatul Fitr, Atiyah and other charity to Alkhidmat, reminding them to ensure that their Sadaqatul Fitr was paid before the Eid prayers.


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