Alkhidmat, Jamiat’s Clean & Green University campaign reaches conclusion

Alkhidmat Karachi and Islami Jamiat-e-Tulba’s jointly conducted 3-day Clean & Green University campaign to mark “Earth Day” reached its conclusion on Friday. KU Security Advisor Dr. Muiz, Students’ Advisor Dr. Asim, Manager Disaster Management Alkhidmat Karachi Sarfaraz Shaikh and Nazim Jamiat-e-Talaba Karachi University Usaid Baqi led the campaign along with senior officials from Alkhidmat Karachi. A large number of students and teachers from Karachi University also participated in the campaign which was run with the intention to spread awareness of keeping our neighborhood and overall environment clean. During the campaign, shrubs and undergrowth were eliminated, garbage was removed and pools of stagnant water cleansed. Pesticides were also sprayed to eradicate germs. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Muiz welcomed the joint initiative by Alkhidmat Karachi and Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, and said that keeping the environment clean was a collective responsibility of everyone living in it. He added that pollution and scarcity of clean water were problems that were plaguing the world and called upon the public to plant more trees and work towards creating a clean and hygienic environment. Dr. Asim said that the campaign would send a positive message to the entire country to keep the neighborhood clean and encourage others to do so. Thanking Alkhidmat for its efforts, he quoted the well-known hadeeth that cleanliness is half of faith. Finally, Usaid Baqi reminded the participants that the purpose of the joint campaign was not only to clean the university but to spread awareness of the importance of keeping our environment clean.


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