Alkhidmat organizes Eid Milan celebration at Skill Development Center

Alkhidmat Karachi recently organized an Eid Milan celebration at its Skill Development Center in PIB Colony, Karachi. Imran Ghauri of Saudi Arabia was the Chief Guest of the event which was attended by Yousuf Muhyiuddeen, Director Mawakhat, senior officials of Alkhidmat Karachi as well those youth taking courses at the Center. Speaking on the occasion, Imran Ghauri lauded Alkhidmat Karachi’s initiative in setting up the Skill Development Center to enable jobless youth to stand up on their feet and earn a respectable livelihood. He encouraged the youth to complete their courses and gain experience in their respectable fields. He also presented the successful students an opportunity to work in his company. Yousuf Muhyiuddeen informed the attendees that Alkhidmat’s objective in starting the Skill Development Center was to impart technical and vocational skills such as tailoring, electrical maintenance, air conditioning and others to jobless youth to enable them to be self-employed instead of serving others. Lastly, he called upon those with means to come forward and assist Alkhidmat in its welfare efforts.


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