Alkhidmat organizes free medical camps

Alkhidmat Karachi recently organized medical camps in Gadap Town and Korangi Industrial Area in which thousands of children, women and elderly citizens were given free medical check-ups. Having learlnt from reliable sources that gastroenteritis had spread in Goth Jaan Muhammad Mareedah, an area of Gadap Town, claiming the lives of a woman and 2 children, Alkhidmat immediately arranged medical camps in the area to counter the disease. Dr. Humayun Farakh, Dr. Sanwar Ali Naqvi and paramedical staff attended the camp and checked the affected people of the area and prescribed the required medicine to them. Some patients were given the medicine at the camp itself. At Korangi Industrial Area also, Alkhidmat arranged for the medical check-up of hundreds of patients. Free medicine was also provided to patients who had been given prescriptions by doctors from Alkhidmat. Moreover, patients at the camp were made aware of gastroenteritis and its preventive measures. Local residents who benefitted from the camps appreciated Alkhidmat’s initiative and expressed their hope that Alkhidmat would continue to provide such efforts in the future too.


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