Alkhidmat organizes Ramadan meals throughout the city

Keeping to its annual tradition, Alkhidmat Karachi has organized Sehri and Iftar meals for fasting citizens at several places in the city. Thousands of passers-by, travelers and needy people flock to these ‘dastarkhwans’ to start their fasts before daybreak and break them at sunset. According to Director Community Services Alkhidmat Karachi Qazi Syed Sadruddin, these ‘dastarkhwans’ are being arranged at five main points in the city along with a number of other places. He went to praise Alkhidmat’s volunteers who were working hard to manage the Ramadan meals program efficiently and make it a success. He disclosed that each Sehri and Iftar meal cost PKR 250 which accounted for a huge budget. He added that helping a fasting Muslim to break his Ramadan fast was considered a noble act in Islam, deserving of great reward. He also appealed to those with means to step forward and assist Alkhidmat Karachi in its efforts and earn multiple rewards in this holy month.


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