Alkhidmat planning huge nationwide Fee Sabeelillah Qurbani

Alkhidmat Karachi is planning to organize thousands of Fee Sabeelilllah Qurbani throughout Karachi and Pakistan on the occasion of Eid ul Azha. The meat will be distributed among the poor and needy at their doorsteps. Besides, community sacrifice has also been arranged in various parts of the city and arrangements have been completed.This year, Alkhidmat has made special arrangements to transportcanned meat to the suffering Palestinians in Gaza. Advanced methods of packing and transporting the meat hygienically over long distances have been adopted. Hundreds of Alkhidmat volunteers will participate in this task of delivering and distributing Qurbani meat to beneficiaries at their doorsteps.CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig has appealed to people with means to come forward and participate wholeheartedly in Fee Sabeelilllah Qurbani with the noble intentionof including Palestinians and otherrefugees as well as needy people in the celebrations of Eid ul Azha.He added that proper arrangements have been made at several places in Karachi where animals have been kept securely to be slaughtered in hygienic conditions and the meat distributed to the needy with respect and honour with the help of a big team of volunteers. He added that along with local citizens, a large number of overseas Pakistanis also trust Alkhidmat every year for their Qurbani. He said that it was important to include those fellow-Muslims in our celebrations who cannot afford Qurbani and have to wait all year long for this day to taste meat.


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