Alkhidmat providing exemplary service in education: Naveed Ali Baig

Alkhidmat Karachi has been providing exemplary service in education for a long time. Since social progress depends upon education, the new generation should be provided quality education along with religious guidance, according to Naveed Ali Baig, CEO Alkhidmat Karachi. Alkhidmat’s Education department runs 75 Tafheem ul Qur’an Madrasahs and 5 Iqra Schools where children are being provided modern education as well as guidance for the memorization of the Holy Qur’an by qualified instructors. Apart from normal courses, children are also engaged in extra-curricular activities to broaden their skills and prepare them for practical life after they leave their institutions. Alkhidmat also offers scholarships and grants to talented students to ensure that they continue their education without any break. Naveed Ali appealed to those with means to come forward and assist Alkhidmat in its efforts to provide quality education to needy students.


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