Alkhidmat sending relief supplies to Gaza: CEO Naveed Ali appeals for public support

CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig has said that Alkhidmat Karachi has stepped up its relief activities for the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza in wake of the increased aggression against them by Israel. He explained that the relief goods are being sent through some renowned international aid organizations and NGOs that have access to the affected area. He disclosed that Alkhidmat’s volunteers are providing food, water, medical supplies and other necessary provisions to civilians amongst whom are thousands of men, women and children who are severely wounded by the incessant and indiscriminate carpet bombing by Israeli forces. A total blockade of food, water, fuel and electricity has been imposed on Gaza, creating a humanitarian crisis on a massive scale. Naveed Ali said that Palestinians are looking at their fellow Pakistani Muslims to come to their aid at this crucial moment, and appealed to the public to step forward and donate generously for this cause.


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