Alkhidmat to distribute rations to thousands in Ramadan

Alkhidmat Karachi will distribute rations to thousands of needy families under its Ramadan Food Package program in the holy month of Ramadan. Each package is worth PKR 6,000 and consists of flour, sugar, rice, edible oil, tea, besan, cereals, chick peas, dates, drinks and other edible necessities. Alkhidmat has also established Mega Ration Centers in several parts of the city to coordinate the packaging and distribution of the Ramadan Food Packages. Yesterday, Executive Director Alkhidmat Karachi Rashid Qureishi and Director Community Services Qazi Syed Sadruddin visited the center in Korangi accompanied by Manager Community Services Shahzad Khalil and a number of officials from Alkhidmat Karachi along with a lady guest from the United States. The delegation surveyed the packaging of the contents and the dispatch of the packages to underprivileged families in the city. Speaking on the occasion, Rashid Qureishi said that Alkhidmat undertakes this initiative every year to spread the blessings of Ramadan and enable needy citizens to observe their fasts comfortably. Appreciating the efforts of its volunteers who were involved in the packing and distribution process, Qazi Syed Sadruddin said that the work of procuring foodstuff and organizing the campaign is done on a large scale in advance of Ramadan every year. He appealed to those with means to step forward and assist Alkhidmat Karachi in its efforts to provide rations to needy people in Ramadan and earn multiple rewards in this holy month.



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