Alkhidmat welcomes senior Japanese Consulate official atmain relief center

Alkhidmat Karachi’s massive relief operation for flood victims in Sindh and Balochistan has picked up speed. Every day truckloads of relief supplies are being dispatched to the most severe flood-hit areas with thousands of volunteers of all ages joining in and donations of cash and kind pouring in. Yesterday, a senior official of the Japanese Consulate in Karachi, Kazunori Matsuda, visited Alkhidmat’s main relief center at the head office where he was received by Executive Director, Rashid Qureishi and other senior officials of Alkhidmat Karachi. Mr. Matsuda was briefed about the relief operations and the central kitchen from where cooked food was being sent to flood-hit Gadap Town and neighbouring areas. Mr. Matsuda was alsotaken around the various sorting and packing points and informed about the number of trucks that were being dispatched daily by Alkhidmat. He was also told about the more than 150 relief camps set up across the city from where donated relief supplies were collected and sent to the central camp at the head office, after they were sorted and repacked and kept ready to be loaded on to trucks and dispatched to the flood-hit areas.Supplies include dry rations, flour, canned food, biscuits, water bottles, tents, blankets, mosquito nets, medicine, clothes, footwear, cooking vessels and other necessities.Speaking on behalf of the Japanese people, Mr. Matsuda expressed his commiserations with the flood victims and reiterated the Consulate’s solidarity and commitment with Alkhidmat. Thanking Mr. Matsuda for his visit, Rashid Qureishi said that the Japanese government and Consulate had always stood with Alkhidmat in previous crises too and hoped this would continue in the future.

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