Alkhidmat Women’s Wing organizes “Aao Watan Savare” event for girls on Independence Day

Alkhidmat Karachi’s Women’s Wing organized “Aao Watan Savare”, an event for girls as part of their Independence Day celebrations at their head office in Karachi. Students from 16 Community Centres in Karachi participated in the event which included Qiraat, Speech, Mehndi and Sewing competitions. Senior officials from Alkhidmat Karachi’s Women’s Wing and Community Centres were also present during the event. Asma Safeer, Nazima Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Women’s Wing was the Chief Guest while Naheed Iftikhar, Vice President Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Women’s Wing, Dr. Rahat Qureishi and others spoke on the occasion. Addressing the audience, Asma Safeer said that Alkhidmat’s Women’s Wing was the leading women’s NGO in the country and was involved in a number of welfare activities. She disclosed that the Community Centres were instrumental in imparting religious guidance to young girls from an underprivileged background as well as teaching them important household skills such as sewing and cooking. Naheed Iftikhar also explained the role of the Community Centres in providing a moral environment to young girls which was the need of the hour in today’s challenging social situation. Towards the end of the program prizes were awarded to the winners of the Qiraat, Speech, Mehndi and Sewing competitions.


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