Alkhidmat’s Aghosh Homes celebrate Independence Day

Alkhidmat Karachi’s Aghosh Homes in Gulshan-e-Maymar celebrated Independence Day on August 14 with pomp and passion. Orphan children staying at the institution expressed their love and patriotism for their country by singing national songs and participating enthusiastically in the flag-hoisting ceremony in their campus. A number of events were arranged on the occasion such as games, dramas, quiz and painting competitions. Besides there were swings, horse-riding and similar activities, along with a karate show in which several children from Aghosh Homes displayed their skills. Executive Director Alkhidmat Karachi Rashid Qureishi was the chief guest of the program which was attended by Senior Manager Coordination Inayatullah Ismail, Manager Aghosh Homes Musab bin Abdul Qadir, other senior officials and a number of donors. Rashid Qureishi hoisted the national flag and prayed for the success and security of the nation after which he joined the children in planting saplings. Addressing the gathering, he spoke about the Islamic history of the sub-continent, the rise and fall of Muslims, the arrival of the British and the struggle for Pakistan which cost innumerable sacrifices and countless lives. He encouraged the children to work hard with honesty and devotion to the nation and contribute to its success and prosperity. Thanking Allah for being free citizens of an independent country, he reminded parents and teachers too of their responsibility of educating and guiding children on the correct path in life. Later. Musab bin Abdul Qadir later briefed the audience on the efforts being carried out at Aghosh Homes where orphan children were being provided excellent living facilities along with schooling by Usman Public School with special training to develop leadership skills.


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