Alkhidmat’s Bano Qabil classes to start from Monday

CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig has announced that the first classes of the Bano Qabil free IT education program for youth will start on Monday, February 13. Around 10,000 students will be accommodated in this initial stage after which another 10,000 students will be taken in. An orientation program was conducted during the last two days at Alkhidmat’s head office where students were given necessary directions and introduced to the instructors of different courses who explained the scope and features of each course to the students. A help desk has also been put up at the head office to resolve students’ issues and inform them of the allocation of their centres. Speaking to the students, Naveed Ali Baig said that Alkhidmat had put in a great deal of effort in planning and executing the program, and now it was the students’ turn to put in their best efforts to benefit from their courses and make the program a success. He assured them that Alkhidmat had brought together the best professionals in their respective fields to teach these courses, and cautioned them that missing a single class would result in a big loss. Director Bano Qabil Program Farooq Kamlani added that Bano Qabil was a pioneering initiative in the history of Karachi that would help the educated youth of Karachi get good jobs as well as launch their freelancing careers, thus benefitting themselves, their families as well as the nation.


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