Alkhidmat’s Orphan Care and Aghosh Homes celebrate Seerat un Nabi and Teachers Respect Week

Alkhidmat Karachi’s Orphan Care department conducted programs on Seerat un Nabi for orphan children from Cluster South 2 on the occasion of Rabi ul Awwal. Besides, a Teachers Respect Week was also observed at Aghosh Homes, Gulshan-e-Maymar in honour of teachers and their importance. Children expressed their respect for teachers through their paintings and artwork. They also decorated their rooms, gave gifts to their teachers and showered them with petals. Chief Guest at the closing ceremony of the week-long program was Childrens’ Department In-charge Fasiullah Hussaini while those in attendance included Manager Aghosh Homes Musab bin Abdul Qadir, Co-ordinator Usman Public School Kashif Rind, as well as the teachers and resident children of Aghosh Homes. Speaking on the occasion, Fasiullah Hussaini stressed upon the honour due to teachers, calling them the spiritual parents of students as they are responsible for their moral as well as spiritual guidance. He opined that since teachers inculcate students with the qualities necessary for success in life such as differentiating between good and bad, they are the builders of society, and therefore the respect and honour of teachers is the duty and responsibility of everyone, not only students. On the other hand, quiz, speech and naat competitions were held as part of the Seerat un Nabi program for orphan children from Cluster South 2. Well-known motivational speaker Asad Ejaz spoke on the occasion and reminded the audience that the Prophet (SAWS) loved children including his own grandsons. Allah had sent His Messenger (SAWS) with the mission of spreading the message of Islam which the Messenger (SAWS) had accomplished with great sacrifice. He added the best guarantor of success in this life and the Hereafter was to follow the exemplary life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and practice his Sunnah as much as possible.


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