Alkhidmat’s quake relief operations continuing in Turkiye, Syria

Alkhidmat Karachi’s relief efforts in the earthquake-hit areas of Turkiye and Syria are underway. A 47-strongsearch-and-rescue volunteer team headed by Manager Disaster Management Sarfaraz Sheikh and equipped with advanced equipment to locate and rescue people trapped under the rubble is working round-the-clock in the affected areas. The team, which has been named Pak 10 by the local coordinating body AFAD,is also providing much-needed aid in the form of medicine, cooked food, water and warm clothes to the quake victims with the help of partner teams from other rescue organizations from countries like Germany, Italy, Holland, S Korea, Vietnam, Senegal and others.CEO Alkhidmat Karachi has said that the victims are in great need of medical help and has appealed to those with means to come forward and assist Alkhidmat in its rescue and relief efforts, calling it a religious and moral duty for Pakistanis to support their Turkish and Syrian brethren in this difficult time when there has been widespread devastation of life and property, and thousands of near and dear ones are dead, missing or injured.


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