Alkhidmat’s WASH organizes Training Workshops for Water Filtration Plant operators

Alkhidmat Karachi’s Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) department recently organized Training Workshops for Water Filtration Plant operators in different districts of Karachi including District North, Korangi and city. More than 80 operators attended these workshops which focused on training the operators about the various technical problems that could arise in a plant and the techniques to avoid them as well as to address them. A test was also conducted to ascertain the level of technical expertise of the operators. Moreover, the operators were also advised on their future career development. A number of senior officials participated in the workshops including Director WASH Gohar ul Islam, Director Training & Development Yousuf Mohideen and Manager Saad Akbar. Speaking on the occasion, Director WASH Gohar ul Islam disclosed that Alkhidmat Karachi was operating 53 Water Filtration Plants in Karachi which are providing safe and clean drinking water of the highest quality to thousands of citizens on a daily basis at subsidized rates. He expressed his appreciation for the operators’ enthusiasm in participating in the workshops and said that Alkhidmat was planning to expand its operations to cover the entire city. Director Training & Development Yousuf Mohideen said that Alkhidmat was always looking for ways to enhance its employees’ skills, and the workshops would help the participants in excelling at their jobs and serving citizens better.


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