Assignment Editor Association (AKAE) Visits Al-Khidmat Head Office

Karachi, 29th May – The Association of Karachi Assignment Editors (AKAE), on the invitation of Al-Khidmat, visited their head office. The delegation, led by Secretary Munawar Khan, met Chief Executive Officer Naveed Ali Baig and Executive Director Rashid Qureshi. Managers of Al-Khidmat Media, Abdul Sattar Kashf, Obaidur Rahman, and other officials were also present.

The delegation received a detailed briefing regarding the work of Al-Khidmat, which they appreciated and expressed their happiness about. Naveed Ali Baig stated, “Al-Khidmat is working in nine fields of life, and each branch of Al-Khidmat sets an example in terms of work. A state-of-the-art laboratory has been established in Nazimabad where expensive tests are conducted at affordable rates, including mammography, MRI, and CT scans, with no compromise on quality. During the days of Corona, Al-Khidmat’s laboratories and collection points continued to operate.”

He further added, “We are also providing services in the field of education. More than 2,000 children are being supported at their homes, and 100 orphans are living in AGHOSH HOME, Gulshan-e-Maymar, where they receive all necessary facilities, including health, education, clothing, and food. Additionally, we provide interest-free loans of up to one lac rupees to help the needy, poor, and unemployed become self-reliant. In community services, help centers provide people with patient beds, wheelchairs, crutches, winter packages, rations, etc., and gifts are given on Christian festivals. Our disaster management department is very active and always diligent, leading in service during emergencies, earthquakes, stormy rains, and other crises. We are conducting 15 courses for the youth to help them acquire IT skills and contribute to the development of their families and the country.”

Munawar Khan, Secretary of the Association of Karachi Assignment Editors, said, “Today, journalists are facing difficulties as the current era is transitioning to digital. We want members of our association to take various courses to connect with digital journalism. In this regard, Al-Khidmat should start or organize courses for journalists under the ‘Bano Qabil’ program to enhance their skills and align them with new journalistic requirements.”

Rashid Qureshi, Executive Director, stated, “Undoubtedly, the priorities of the media sector are changing, and journalists should shift to digital and acquire relevant skills. If assignment editors want to transition to digital, we are ready to provide these courses.” He also mentioned, “During the summer vacations, we are organizing a summer camp, offering your association members an opportunity for their children. Al-Khidmat is the only NGO that has the honor of providing aid to the oppressed Palestinians. Al-Khidmat has been working with partner NGOs in Palestine even before the war, and plans are underway to establish a field hospital for Palestinians in Egypt. So far, eight large consignments of relief goods have been sent to Palestine. The Palestinians continue to face hardships and still need substantial aid.”


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