Classes of Alkhidmat’s Bano Qabil 2.0 start

Classes of Bano Qabil 2.0, the second iteration of Alkhidmat Karachi’s free IT education program for youth started yesterday. Thousands of aspiring students have enrolled for the program, with Alkhidmat having expanded the number of well-equipped centers to 35 all over the city, where professional instructors will teach 15 of the latest IT courses including Cyber Security, Web Development, App Development, Python, Motion Magic, Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant, Freelancing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing and others. Speaking on the occasion, CEO Alkhidmat Karachi

Naveed Ali Baig expressed his pleasure and said that Alkhidmat had put in a great deal of effort in planning and executing the program, and in bringing together the best professionals in their respective fields to teach these courses. It was the students’ turn to put in their best efforts to benefit from their courses and make the program successful. Program Director Bano Qabil Farooq Kamlani expressed his confidence that Bano Qabil 2.0 would be as successful as the initial edition which would help Karachi’s educated youth to get good jobs as well as launch their freelancing careers, thus benefitting themselves, their families as well as the nation. Project Director Salman Sheikh termed Bano Qabil 2.0 as a pioneering initiative in the history of Karachi and another step towards establishing an IT university in line with Hafiz Naeem’s vision of making Karachi an IT city.


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