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Clean Water Program

Under Clean Water program, Alkhidmat Karachi Pakistan has completed hundreds of water projects that provide clean drinking water to needy communities across the country. This program ensures supply of clean drinking water in water-scarce areas as well as in big cities by installation of water pumps, handpumps and water filtration plants. In the mountainous areas, gravity flow schemes are implemented to ensure the supply of water to the households.

Clean Water

Through its urban and rural network, Alkhidmat has set up a number of water desalination projects in the urban centers and Well-water facility and community hand pumps in rural areas. At the same time, Alkhidmat organizes programs on intake of clean & safe water and holds awareness drives on waterborne diseases as well.

12,074 Community Hand Pumps
229 Water Filtration Plants
2,541 Waterwells
148 Gravity Flow Water Schemes
1,850 Submersible Water Pumps
320 Solar Submersible Pump


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