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Donate For MRI Machine

Alkhidmat has tried to contribute to Karachi’s overburdened healthcare system by running a full-fledged diagnostic center that provides critical health reports at affordable rates to the common man who is otherwise forced to pay exorbitant amounts for these reports. We are planning to expand the scope of our diagnostic services by installing MRI Machine in our diagnostic center and providing the benefits of advanced technology to citizens. However, the procurement of these machines presents a huge challenge, as these machines are ultra-expensive, costing multi-million rupees.  

What you pay

The cost of an MRI machine is estimated at PKR 300 million. We are laying no condition for anyone donor to pay in full for these machines. Rather, you can help us collect this amount by donating whatever your means permit.

What you get

Dua of the beneficiaries and reward from your Lord.


Save lives today with a Al Khidmat.

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