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Response Center

Donate to a Response Center that is an important part of Alkhidmat’s relief operation during disasters.

When disaster strikes in the form of fire, floods, or earthquakes, Alkhidmat is first on the scene to provide relief and rescue efforts. Disaster Management is a complex exercise and takes a lot of close coordination where time, resources, and manpower become crucial.

To make these operations efficient and effective, Alkhidmat has established Response Centers at various places in Karachi. These office-cum-stores stock important relief equipment such as ropes, tents, tug boats, suction pumps, fire-fighting equipment, medicine, and even dry ration. These centers also serve as contact and coordination points and play a very important role in tackling emergencies in the short time span available to save life and property during disasters.

Each Response Center needs finance to equip and run itself. We, therefore, appeal to you to help us manage these centers and establish more of these to cover the entire city and neighboring suburbs.

Let us act while we have the time. Disaster does not inform you in advance. When it strikes, help is usually too little, too late.

There is no limit, upper or lower, for donating to a Response Center. We know you will do your best.


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