Flood victims in Alkhidmat’s tent city return to native villages; rehabilitation starts

Karachi : Flood victims sheltering in Alkhidmat Karachi’s tent city in Sehwan have started returning to their native villages after a two-month stay in their temporary location where they were being provided all necessities such as food, water and rations.Alkhidmat Karachi has started its rehabilitation and house-rebuilding operations in these villages to facilitate the resettling of these flood victims who expressed their wish to return to their native areas as the flood waters had receded to quite some extent. Manager Disaster Management Alkhidmat Karachi Sarfaraz Sheikh and his team helped these people with their belongings and boarded them into vehicles for their return journey.CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig said that after the conclusion of relief activities, the work to resettle these people and normalize their lives would now start. He added that Alkhidmat would build houses for those victims who had lost their houses in the flood. He said that this work had already started in Rajanpur and would now be taken up in different areas of Sindh and Balochistan. He reminded the public that Alkhidmat had done the same rehabilitation operation after the earthquake and previous floods and would repeat the same now. Lastly, he appealed to those with means to come forward and support Alkhidmat in its welfare activities.


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