Hafiz Naeem inaugurates Alkhidmat’s new Skill Development Center in Kasba Colony

Alkhidmat Karachi has started a new Skill Development Center in Kasba Colony to impart vocational and technical skills to jobless youth. The center was inaugurated by Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman. Director Mawakhat Program Yusuf Muhyiuddeen, Manager Mawakhat Program Muhammad Tariq, Ishaq Khan, Abdul Hannan and other senior officials were present at the event. After a tour of the new center, Hafiz Naeem pointed out that along with other civic issues, rising unemployment was among the major problems of the city that was going unattended. This had prompted Alkhidmat Karachi to take this initiative of establishing a Skill Development Center where courses for General Electric Maintenance, Advanced Tailoring, Mobile Repairing, AC and Plant Technician, Generator Maintenance, Solar Technician, Industrial Automation and Spoken English will be taught free of cost to young people who would be able to provide for their families as well as society. Outlining his vision for providing employment opportunities to the city’s youth, he said that Alkhidmat planned to expand this initiative across Karachi by establishing more centers. Yusuf Muhyiuddeen said that technical knowledge has now gained great importance and value. Possessing even a small skill could lead to a self-sufficient life, and therefore this offer of free technical training through short six-month courses was a great opportunity for youth which they should avail.  


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