Happiness is brought to orphans as Alkhidmat arranges Eid shopping for 2200 children in Karachi

Vouchers worth Rs6000 were provided to each orphan
2200 registered orphans are being facilitated during the five day activity
All across Pakistan, Alkhidmat takes care of 30,000 orphans

KARACHI: MARCH 18: Alkhidmat Karachi brought 700 registered orphans to a famous departmental store in the city for Eid shopping, here on Sunday.
A total of 2200 orphans will be facilitated in batches with Eid shopping throughout the 5-day activity. Each of the orphans is handed over vouchers worth Rs6000.
Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi Ameer Engr Hafiz Naeemur Rehman accompanied the orphans on this occasion.
Talking to the media, the JI leader said that Alkhidmat takes care of a total of 30,000 orphans across Pakistan.
He said that the children brought for shopping were not just ordinary children. They are those about which the Holy Prophet SAW had promised the highest rank in Jinnah for those who take care of them.
On the occasion, he urged the nation to keep remembering those 13,000 Palestinian children who had been martyred among 31, 000.
He said that Alkhidmat has been expending it’s operations. Currently, 11 clusters have been operating in the city under the orphan care program.
He added that 20 state of the art Agoah Homes have been operating across the country, offering boarding and schooling facilities for orphan children.
He appealed Karachiites to support Alkhidmat in this noble cause.
Waqas Anjum Jafferi, the head of Alkhidmat Pakistan, also graced the occasion with his presence. He said that almost 9 million children in the country are orphans.
He said that Alkhidmat has so far dispatched relief goods worth Rs650 million to Gaza through six flights and a ship.


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