Poor and needy should be included in Eid celebrations: CEO Alkhidmat Naveed Ali Baig

CEO Alkhidmat Karachi Naveed Ali Baig has called for well-off citizens to include poor and needy people in Eid celebration. He said that steep inflation had taken a toll on the common man making it difficult to celebrate Eid with his loved ones. He added that Alkhidmat had tried its best during this Ramadan to ease the burden of the poor by distributing rations and other necessities as part of a Ramadan Package. Besides, Alkhidmat had also distributed almost 50,000 kilos of free chicken meat to the needy in its Meat Drive. Thousands had benefitted from its Iftar points at different places in the city where Sehri and Iftar was served daily to the poor and passersby. Similarly, 1,700 orphan children were given the opportunity to experience the excitement of Eid shopping for themselves at a leading store in the city, where they received a gift voucher of Rs. 5,000 to buy anything they wished for. They were also given Eidi on the occasion. Apart from all this, Alkhidmat’s usual projects and welfare services continued normally. Lastly, Naveed Ali called upon people with means to come forward and share their joy with their less-fortunate brethren on the occasion of Eid.


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